Matte lacquer

Introducing the ultimate matte companion: Matte Lacquer. Unlock 10% off for your next purchase with code: MATTELOVE

DESCRIPTION: We've meticulously crafted the perfect matte top coat to transform any polish into a stunning, velvety matte finish. Say hello to Matte Lacquer. Our unique formula creates a smooth, matte surface that enhances the depth and richness of your favourite shades. Go from glossy to matte with just one swipe.

NAIL PREP: For the best results, we recommend starting with clean, dry nails. Use our BASIS base coat to ensure optimal adhesion and prevent staining. This also helps to create an even canvas for your chosen nail colour.

APPLICATION: After applying your desired nail polish and allowing it to dry, shake the Matte Lacquer bottle vigorously until you hear the mixing balls rattling inside. Continue shaking for an additional minute to ensure a smooth, even application. Apply a thin layer of Matte Lacquer over your nail colour, and watch as it instantly transforms into a luxurious matte finish.

PROTECTION: Matte Lacquer not only provides a flawless matte appearance but also acts as a protective barrier, sealing in your nail colour and preventing chips or wear. For a versatile look, switch between a sleek matte finish and a high-gloss shine by applying our GLOSS LACQUER over Matte Lacquer.

Now, go forth and embrace the endless possibilities with our innovative Matte Lacquer top coat – because every nail color deserves a chance to be matte.