Metal coat

The first of its kind — coat your nails in actual metal.

Paint on, then file and buff it until smooth!


NAIL PREP: We recommend buffing your nails first to help with good adhesion. Optionally, apply a basecoat first to protect your nails.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard for a minute before application. Apply one coat, then a second coat once the first is touch-dry.

SAND AND POLISH: Wait 90 minutes for the polish to fully cure. File down Metal coat with a 1000 grit file until smooth. Next use a 4000 grit buffer until you get your desired level of shine. This may produce a small amount of dust— do the sanding in a ventilated area and away from anything that could be stained.

EXPERIMENT: Try using different files/buffers with different levels of coarseness to achieve unique metal finishes.
Lower grit levels will produce a brushed metal effect, while higher grit levels and more time buffing will create an even shinier finish.

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