Plastic jungle

DESCRIPTION: Step into the Plastic Jungle, a land of verdant beauty encapsulated in a bottle. This daring shade of green paints your nails with the vibrancy of nature in just a single coat, offering an enchanting escape to the heart of a lush forest.

In the vast wilderness of nail polishes, Plastic Jungle plants its flag firmly on top. It's an unmatched celebration of unapologetic boldness and outstanding coverage. So, ready to take a walk on the wild side? With Plastic Jungle, you're not just wearing a nail polish, you're wearing an attitude.

NAIL PREP: Plastic jungle will stick well to bare nails, but for even better adhesion and to prevent staining, we'd recommend using a base coat. For guaranteed best results use our BASIS base coat.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard until you can hear the mixing balls rattling inside, then shake for a further minute before application. Plastic jungle has a coverage of 100% and will be touch-dry within a few minutes.

PROTECTION: Plastic jungle is a gloss finish polish, but for an even deeper shine, add a coat of our own GLOSS LACQUER on top. It can also be converted to a matte finish with a layer of MATTE LACQUER.