Vegan firefly extract

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Below is further information about the product and how to use it.

DESCRIPTION: Our Vegan Glow Worm Extract is inspired by the luciferin glow chemical from the Appalachian fireflies, and it is the second brightest glow polish in the world (second only to our own Vegan Firefly Extract). During the day, it has a matte baby pink finish, but when you turn down the lights, it emits a bright, radioactive orange glow*. It can be charged up by sunlight, UV light, or most white phone torches within a second. Initially, it will glow brightly and be easily visible in many lit rooms. If it's out of the light, it will fade to a pale glow that's still easily visible in a pitch-black room for over 12 hours.

*not actually radioactive

NAIL PREP: While our Vegan Glow Worm Extract can stick to bare nails, it may chip easily, so we really recommend using a base coat for perfect adhesion. For the best results, use our BASIS base coat.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard until you can hear the mixing balls rattling inside, then shake for a further minute before application. The Coverage is around 75%, so you will want to apply at least two coats, but the more coats, the more glow.

PROTECTION: Vegan firefly extract is a matte finish polish, so picks up marks quite easily. For a deep, glossy, and hard-wearing finish, we recommend applying a layer of our own GLOSS LACQUER on top.