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Gloss lacquer

Gloss lacquer

A high-gloss quick-drying top coat with a hard, glass-like finish.

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14ml / 0.47 fl oz

While some brands combine their base coat and top coat into one product, we specifically developed them separately to achieve perfection in each.

Snailworks Gloss lacquer will give your nails the deepest shine possible from a nail polish, vastly enhancing the shine and durability of any coloured polishes you apply it over.

It also has excellent self-levelling properties, smoothing out any imperfections in the underlying layers and making your nails look like glass.

We didn't think it would be possible to achieve a shine this deep without using a UV-cured gel polish.

How to use

NAIL PREP: While Gloss Lacquer can be applied to bare nails, we'd recommend applying it over one of our polishes, or over our Basis base coat. It can be applied as soon as the layer below is touch-dry.

APPLICATION: Apply one coat over gloss or matte polishes for a deep shine. It may take two coats to achieve the same level of shine over glitter-based or other similarly textured polishes. The more coats the deeper the shine though, so go nuts if you want to. Touch dry and re-coatable after a couple of minutes.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Made in the UK

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