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Metal coat

Metal coat

The first of its kind — coat your nails in actual metal.

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14ml / 0.47 fl oz

This isn't nail polish.

Metal Coat is the latest ground-breaking innovation in nail technology, developed by SNAILWORKS over several years. Suspended in our unique formula are billions of microscopic particles of pure aluminium. Once you've painted it on and let it dry, your nails are coated in a hardened layer of almost pure aluminium, which can be sanded and polished like a solid piece of metal.

The reason Metal Coat looks so unique is due to the lack of a required top coat to achieve its shine. Real metal is completely reflective in its top few atoms  even the most pigmented nail polishes in the world cannot compete with the reflectivity and complete opacity of solid metal, and this is why it looks so distinctive.

It's not just about looking unique; it's about wearing jewellery on your fingernails.

How to use

NAIL PREP: We recommend buffing your nails first to help with good adhesion. Optionally, apply a basecoat first to protect your nails.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard for a minute before application. Apply one coat, then a second coat once the first is touch-dry.

SAND AND POLISH: Wait 90 minutes for the polish to fully cure. File down Metal coat with a 1000 grit file until smooth. Next use a 4000 grit buffer until you get your desired level of shine. This may produce a small amount of dust— do the sanding in a ventilated area and away from anything that could be stained.

EXPERIMENT: Try using different files/buffers with different levels of coarseness to achieve unique metal finishes.
Lower grit levels will produce a brushed metal effect, while higher grit levels and more time buffing will create an even shinier finish.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Made in the UK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fun fun fun

This is the funnest nail polish ever!!! I get loads of comment whenever I wear it. It's quite thick and you need to leave it probably ideally 2 hours to dry before filing, but it looks insane and I love how unique it is! I got it for my 17yo for their birthday but we are sharing it now 😂🙌

Siân V
Mad endurance

Already in love with this polish. I typically get my nails done professionally with gel for two reasons: first, I can't stand them looking chipped and messy, and second, my nails need the added protection as to not break. I was really keen to try this out though, so I opted for getting gel base and top coat done, and then using this metal colour over the top at home. Was delighted to find that not only does it look incredible, it's held to the gel perfectly and is still chip or dullness free after a full week (and shows no sign of wear). The suggested time of 90 minutes to cure was more than enough and the buffing made less of a mess than I feared (the resulting powder doesn't stain your cuticles at all). It's duller than a typical chrome powder but that's part of the appeal. As a brushed silver jewellery girly it matches my rings so damn well! I will be wearing this for the foreseeable!

Super shine

This is quite possibly the shiniest and most amazing polish finish I've come across. Takes some effort, but it's absolutely worth it. It gives me chainmail-battle-dragon vibes. Admittedly it is an easy 'chipper' (admittedly haven't tried a base coat, which may help) but even still this absolutely deserves 5* and will buy again. Thanks Snailworks!

Very cool

I've been looking for silver nail polish that actually looks like real silver and here it is! Real metal polish!
(Don't worry, the grey smudge easily washes off)


Really cool nail polish. If applied correctly and you spend a lil bit of time buffering, the mirror finish is probably the best I've come across!


Is aluminium safe?

Yes, aluminium is completely safe. Aluminium is a very common pigment used in nail polish. It is also makes up a main ingredient in most glitters and holographic pigments.

Pure aluminium is also a cosmetic-approved ingredient (CI77000) so it is safe in all cosmetics in its pure powdered form. It's even in food colouring (E173)!

What are the ingredients?

The base ingredients are the same as our other nail polishes but with the addition of other cosmetic pigments and aluminium (both of which are commonly found in many other cosmetics).

As always, our polishes are 10-free, cruelty free and made in the UK.

Can I use a top coat with Metal coat?

We recommend not using a top coat with Metal coat as it may end up looking more like a regular chrome polish. We do love an experimenter however, so let us know if you try it!

How long does Metal coat last?

Metal coat lasts longer than a regular nail polish, but not as a long as gels.

How do you remove Metal coat?

Just like a regular nail polish; with a bit of a nail polish remover.

Are you going to make a Gold and Silver coat?

Maybe... Let us know if this is something you want.