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Raven loony

Raven loony

A blue-black with a subtle shimmer

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14ml / 0.47 fl oz

This unique shade mirrors the deep, iridescent black of a raven's plumage, offering an enigmatic blend of dark undertones and subtle shimmers. Its satin finish glistens like feathers under moonlight, reflecting hues of a deep blue subtle shimmer. 

This polish is for those who like the darker aesthetic but still want to shine.  

How to use

NAIL PREP: Raven loony will stick well to bare nails, but for even better adhesion and to prevent staining, we'd recommend using a base coat. For guaranteed best results use our BASIS base coat.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard until you can hear the mixing balls rattling inside, then shake for a further minute before application. Raven loony has a coverage of around 90%, so will take 1-2 coats for perfect coverage. It will be touch-dry within a few minutes.

PROTECTION: Raven loony is a satin finish polish, but for a deeper shine, add a coat of our own GLOSS LACQUER on top. It can also be converted to a matte finish with a layer of MATTE LACQUER.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Made in the UK

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