So, you went for the mattest matte. Nice. If you ever run out, here's 10% for a restock: NEEDMOREPOLISH

DESCRIPTION We spent months developing the most perfect matte black possible. We experimented with pigments from all over the world, and after hundreds of different trials, ended up with this – Blackboard. Yes you can draw on it with chalk. Blackboard has better coverage than any other polish we've tried, so is always a one-coat polish, no matter how thin the coat is.

NAIL PREP: Blackboard will stick well to bare nails, but for even better adhesion and to prevent staining, we'd recommend using a base coat. For guaranteed best results use our BASIS base coat.

APPLICATION: Shake the bottle hard until you can hear the mixing balls rattling inside, then shake for a further minute before application. Blackboard has a coverage of 100% and will be touch-dry within a few minutes. Paint it on as thin as you like – the coverage is flawless.

PROTECTION: Blackboard is a matte finish polish, so does not need any top coat. However it can be converted into an incredibly deep gloss black by adding a coat of our own GLOSS LACQUER on top.